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Mobile phone photography, digital printing

B.Y5 gallery, Tel Aviv “Transitional Object״

In this series "Illuminated" by Neta Dor Adan,an architect and multidisciplinary artist, one can see a focus which is spreading light hypnotizing its observer. So the smart phone screen is the object which is spreading the light, serving as a "transitional object", making the transition from the concrete reality to other worlds, connecting the observer to a different reality, to characters in a different space; a desirable object providing many needs which replace the here and now. The digital screen replaces the physical object, and the virtual reality replaces the materialistic one.

The children and infants in the photographs (the artist's grandchildren), are completely detached from the world surrounding them. They grow up with the desirable and seducing object as an integral part of their lives.

The artworks too were photographed with a mobile phone, by means of digital technology, yet they create a "Renaissance" atmosphere, which is completely opposed to their content. Their compositions, depicting illuminated figures placed in the darkness, are reminders of oil paintings from previous centuries.


Anat Gatenio - Curator

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